Shadow HorizonRabbit Junk
Shallow Under SkinDicepeople & Moi Saint
Fallen DownDicepeople & Moi Saint
Bury MeActors
Horror MusicRosegarden Funeral Party
It’s ObviousAu Pairs
then we will breakbring her
The HuntValhall
Like the DevilThe Rain Within
Do U Fear (For Your Child?) – Klub Hell MixMy Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
Pyrrhic VictoryGanser
MagnetoMesser Chups
NervesPossum Dixon
I Am The SunEgoprisme
Forgotten RomanceVanity Drum
Light MindMiracle
Circles of DustXentrifuge
L.L.T.Q. (feat. Leather Strip) – Neon Insect
Trash MentalRitualz
Things Will Be Better in HellStreet Sects
Far AwayDive
Howl (feat. Zola Jesus)Black Asteroid
Lonely HeroesDear Strange
When Will I See You AgainThe Three Degrees

Current Live Setup for Upcoming 7th Victim Shows

1) Korg Volca FM
2) Korg Volca Sample
3) Meeblip Triode (thanks for the bass synth, Steven Archer)
4) Arturia Beatstep Pro (Thanks for the tip, Dean Clean)
5) Laptop running FL Studio
6) Akai Max Pro 49 controller
7) Alesis MultiMix 4 (Yes, I’m STILL waiting on my Vixen Mixer to arrive)
8) Trashcan filled with scrapped song ideas
Not pictured: Novation Audio Hub 2×4

I should really get around to updating the Gear page.

The Playlist for the March 2018 edition of RATYHTL (The Radio Show)

Don’t Change – Inxs
Kalter Lippenstift – Velvet Condom
The Metro – Berlin
Babes of the 80s (Tobias Bernstrup) – Lebanon Hanover
E=MC2 – Big Audio Dynamite
Asimilasyon – She Past Away
Public Image – Public Image Ltd.
Malarone – Linea Aspera
Mirror In the Bathroom – The English Beat
White Walls – The KVB
Genius Of Love – Tom Tom Club
Night Gaunts – La Fete Triste
Because You’re Frightened (2007 Digital Remaster) – Magazine
Nite Rite – Ash Code
Nemesis – Shreikback
Heathen Dance – Echo West
Let’s Lynch the Landlord – Dead Kennedys
Die Life – The Soft Moon
Peek-A-Boo – DEVO
The Voice – The Rorschach Garden
Private Idaho -The B-52’s
Ogreyalla – Arcana Obscura
Space Age Love Song – A Flock Of Seagulls
Call Me – Sixth June
88 Lines About 44 Women – Nails
Mausoleum – Selofan
Goodbye Horses (Single Edit) – Q Lazzarus


Naive to the Bone – Marie Davidson
Intruder – HORSK
Distance – Rendez-Vous
Switch and Bait – Volt 9000
Sleep Machine – Terminal Gods
Provoke the Wound – High-Functioning Flesh
As The Veneer Of Democracy Starts To Fade – mark stewart
Cubicle of Pain – Alphane Reality Generator
Heads Down Fingers Up – Caustic
Buzzkill – Caustic
In Your Lungs – Street Fever
Weightlessness (Remix) – Jane in Space
Belive Me – Fires
Negative Creep – Tura Satana
Blacken the Other Eye – Street Sects
Limb From Limb – Encephalon
The Mirror – Bioassay
Mr. X (2008 Remaster) – Ultravox
Sturm Und Drang – Veil of Light
The Devil’s Dancers – Oppenheimer Analysis
Breed – Snake River Conspiracy
Martyr – Rome
I Fall… – Missing in STARS
Love Train – The O’Jays
Evidence – W.O.R.M
Crash II – Sarin

The Playlist for the January 2018 Best of 2017 Show

Divine Weapon – 3TEETH
Insects – Android Lust
Bang Bang Bang – Angelspit
Pain (Radio Edit) – Boy Harsher
Loneliness – Clan Of Xymox
Deadweight – Cyanotic
Afterlife – Distorted Retrospect
Ghost Nation – Gary Numan
Fall Like Rome (Riot Kitten Remix) – Grendel
Hexon Shift (Xavier Swafford Remix) – Hexadiode
I Abomination [Explicit] – Hocico
TeddyLion – Iamx
Rhogog – Ivardensphere
Shroud – Ivardensphere
Synthesizer (V2.0) – KLACK
Birds Of Prey – Mr.Kitty
We All Float – Pretty Addicted
Bruises – REIN
Zookeeper – Seeeming
Halo – Shiv-r
Osafa Chram – Stoneburner
Absence (Encephalon Remix) – The Ludovico Technique
Tir Na Nog – This Morn’ Omina
Kpt. Kaboom – Wulfband